What to Consider Before Choosing an Online Photo Storage

Most people get frustrated when their computer memories get filled up and sometimes, deletes some important files. Because of this infuriating behavior, we have gone in search of the best online photo storage but most especially, how you can ascertain one’s use than the other.

Why is Online Backup More Secure?

The reality is that you can’t even doubt that Google for example if you have files on Google Drive, has data management systems like the one you do, if not worse. It is literally inconceivable that you go to think that Google will be tomorrow with a Hard-Disk of a blown server and that for this reason, some users around the way lose their data stored on that Hard-Disk. This is why online photo storage is the best—as also seen here https://photolemur.com/blog/best-online-photo-storage.

The reality is that all the companies that offer this type of services known as Cloud have extremely sophisticated systems with multiple copies of the data in various data centers so as to be able to restore malfunctions or temporary loss of data.

On the practical side, it is more probable that you lose files because you delete them, but even in this case, many offer a recovery service for accidental deletions.

As you can see, although they are very similar to services, they differ from each other, so you have to identify the one that suits you also based on the uses:

  • DropBox: if you want lots of space and lots of particular sharing methods. Practically total compatibility with many online services.
  • GoogleDrive: if you want to limit the usage to 100 GB, you will have so much space even in the free version or a really fascinating price.
  • Amazon Glacier: with the prospect of never using it for a security archive.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive: if you want unlimited photo backup for an advantageous rate.
    • OneDrive: if the Microsoft world is part of your work system and you have an Office 365 online subscription.

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