What Parents Need to Know About Social Media Use for Kids

It has been proved time and again that excessive use of social media, especially Facebook, is harmful to children and teens. Many parents believe in putting up safety measures on the internet for their children to set limits and boundaries for them. Several Facebook hack and other social media hack tools have been invented solely for this purpose.

A while ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested that he would not want his nephew to join any social networking site. Similarly, many years ago, Apple Founder Steve Jobs also said that he did not want his kids to even own an iPad simply because he believed that excessive use of digital devices and social media is damaging to kids and teens.

What Does Excessive Use of Social Media Means?

On the one hand, some studies reveal that spending some time on social media is good for kids as digital technology can be beneficial for their social relationships. Children get a chance to connect with their friends and find out what’s happening around the world.

On the other hand, when a kid spends way too much time on social media and in front of their screens, they become addicted to it and that can be damaging to their mental and physical health. On average, a teen spends about 9 hours every day in front of their screens which is equivalent to a full-time job.

As per a study conducted by Monitoring the Future, it has been seen that only two hours spent on social media contribute to unhappiness and anxiety among teens. We would suggest kids spend only 60-90 minutes every day in front of their screens and social media. The other time they should have physical interactions with their friends, occupy themselves with family and other physical activities.

Should Parents Monitor Their Kids Social Media Use? How?

Parents have different opinions when it comes to monitoring their children’s social media use. Some parents believe children the right to maintain privacy and should not worry about their parents checking on their online activities.

However, many parents differ in this opinion because they feel it’s important to monitor their children’s social media use to keep them away from online threats. When children remain unaware of the dangers caused by online threats such as cyberbullying, sexting, pedophilia, and pornography, they can be easily attacked. This can only be stopped when parents keep a check on their online activity and make sure they are not surrounded by any potential threats on the internet.

Parental controls need to be set up on children’s devices to monitor their online activity and social media use. This will help parents know what’s happening on their child’s phone and they will be able to provide them with a safe online experience.

Using Facebook Hack Tools to Keep Kids Safe

Parents may also want to adopt Facebook hack tools to keep their children safe on the social media platform. Several online predators are looking for young and innocent children on Facebook so they can become friends with them and lure them into believing in their fake stories.

When children gain trust in them, predators ask them to send inappropriate pictures and videos so they can blackmail them later or simply share the content all over the internet, making it viral. Similarly, weak and vulnerable children are exposed to cyberbullying if parents do not properly monitor their Facebook chats.

So, how to hack Facebook of your children without them knowing? It’s simple. Parents can download and install Facebook hack tools on their children’s devices to keep tabs on their Facebook activity and help them stay safe from online dangers lurking on the platform.

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