What are the Different Types of TV Wall Mount Brackets?

You can find several types of TV wall mount brackets in the market such as low profile also popularly called as flat or fixed TV wall mount brackets, tilting wall mounts, full-motion wall mounts, under-cabinet mounts, and ceiling mounts. All these TV wall mounts and unique with their numerous advantages as well as disadvantages. You need to necessarily know about their features, functions along with the merits and demerits before selecting the right TV wall mounts for your purpose.

The low-profile TV wall mount bracket or the flat or fixed wall mount brackets are typically less expensive in comparison to full-motion and tilting TV wall mounts. Additionally, the low-profile TV wall mounts brackets are easy to install. You must be having the experience of hanging a heavy picture on your walls at least a few times in your lifetime. The process of the wall mounting of a low-profile TV wall mount is a bit more difficult than hanging a heavy picture on the wall. On the other hand, this ease of low-profile TV wall mount installation results in you with a price of the inability of any kinds of adjustment of the TV once it is mounted or installed.

The low-profile TV wall mounts neither tilt nor move up and down or left and write, making the switching out of cables when you need them. You will have to completely and physically remove the flat panel in order to change the cables.

The tilting wall mounts brackets, on the other hand, are more expensive in comparison to low-profile TV wall mounts but less expensive in comparison to the full motion TV wall mount brackets. The tilting wall mounts are easy to install similar to the low-profile TV wall mounts, but the significant difference between the two is you can adjust the vertical view angle in the tilting wall mount brackets. There is a pivot in the middle of the installation bracket which makes the tilting mount gives you best view whether you are standing on a desk or lying on the ground.

The full-motion TV wall mount brackets come with complete motion but are expensive in comparison to their counterparts. In addition to this, the full motion wall mounts are complicated to install because of the numerous moving pieces in the mounting bracket. You may need to take the assistance of professionals or the help of two or three people to install the full-motion TV wall mount and enjoy the benefits of its full-motion.

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