Tips On How To Use Technology To Reduce Data Security Breaches

Cybercriminals have started reaching personal devices of individuals as well as the network firmware of companies with much ease than before. It is because they’re using technology to produce variants of existing malware. Besides, phishing and spear phishing threats have become more prevalent than ever before. All these factors indicate that unethical hackers are using advanced methods to break through the security layers. Thus, the best way to mitigate these ever looming threats is by using technology itself. Cyber experts keep coming up with new tricks and tips that are technologically more advanced and sophisticated. Applying all those tips practically to strengthen the security of IoT devices is the best way to reduce the risk of a data security breach.

How Does Technology Reduce Security Breaches?

The question yet remains – how is it that technology can combat security threats? Well, there are advanced methods and scanning tools that experts keep coming up with. Such tools are able to detect every software vulnerability. When detected, those vulnerabilities can be studied and removed. Studying the variants of different malware types actually helps coming up with better ideas to make devices immune against them. Such some noteworthy tips are given below.

  • Memory Leak Detection – Different experts keep releasing software types that can scan the entire cloud storage and network system to detect bugs and hidden malware. One such scanning app is ‘Protection’. You can keep your devices clean by using such applications.
  • Strong Backdoor Password – A strong backdoor password for security cameras and other IoT devices minimize the chances of a security breach. Advanced settings that limit the access to relevant departments is yet another tip to keep the system clean.
  • Network Segmentation Technique – This recent development is proving to be highly beneficial when it comes to damage control. If you store the information of different departments in your office on different networks and make all those networks independent of each other, then hackers will not be able to access all networks at once even if they infiltrate one. It reduces damage by a huge margin.
  • Orthodox Techniques – Firewall and antivirus are the first few layers of protection against cyber attacks. Keep updating them by installing the updates to keep them bug-free. Also, enable browser plugins so that you don’t miss out on any software update.

These are the few ways to put technology to use in order to keep your assets safe from hackers.

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