Marketing As Easy As 1-2-3

It does not matter how complicated the idea of online marketing is, its explanation may be simplified as easy as 1-2-3. Any marketers must laser target their effort to improve of these 3 segments additionally for their internet business will thrive inside the whole world of internet marketing. These 3 steps strategy is known as 3P Formula meaning Product, Platform and Promotion. Try and breakdown any internet business campaign into this three separate studies so that you can begin to see the area by which needs improvement most.

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Watch owner whether it’s offline or online always ask the first same question: what services or products market we have to enter? Which niche? Who’re their target customer?

It’s the same first major problem for individuals doing online marketing. With the idea to do online marketing or promote your own product, defining which product and audience is considered because the crucial step in the business. It does not matter how strong your marketing platform or advertising technique is, product selection determines possibility of your success.Some products just certain to fail immediately.

The skill so that you can identify which product may be offered needed experience and deep knowledge of this marketplace niche, that individuals known as ” Product Sniper Eye”. If you gain this “eye” skill, you’ve won 80% online marketing fight.


There are many platforms to advertise web present your offer for that public. Numerous popular platforms are Facebook page, personal blog, YouTube or self website.

Do your research within the profile in the potential customers and discover which platform is considered because the effective, which platform your primary target audiences probably to “spend time” in and optimize the significant platform site accordingly. Do link each platforms to each other to produce illusion of massive network of advertising. That way, your prospects is often more susceptible to read all your website article and harder learning your business might help them gain better existence.


This is when many of the online marketers eternal fight occur. Regardless of you’re novice or expert marketers, gaining viewer attention may be the true struggle of online marketing. People on the web have short time of attention and quality traffic become increasingly more more pricey.

You will find essentially 2 types of bring customers method which may be simply categorized into no-cost traffic and compensated traffic method. No-cost traffic normally acquired by posting your link and content at niche discussion forum, Facebook group review and comments, YouTube video posting presenting your productsOrsupport. Compensated traffic method requires initial dollar investment for example using PPC advertising platform, buying email solo ads and banners. Remember that compensated advertising yield considerably faster result in comparison to free method which is a lot more time-consuming.

In case you already was an offer that isn’t enhanced yet, analyse the problem by scrutinize these 3 P elements. Will it function as the item that should be repackaged / rebranded? May be the platform you display your productsOrsupport appropriate for that crowd? Techniques for getting hurry of traffic fast with minimal cost? You can simplify everything by segregating your business straight into these 3 “P” factors.

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