How to Reset WordPress Instead of Reinstalling?

Today on our blog we are looking how to reset WordPress instead of reinstalling?

When you are simply beginning with WordPress, still in that testing stage, you are probably going to need to reset WordPress. The issue is there is certifiably not a major reset catch.

Fortunately, there is an approach to reset WordPress back to its default state effectively.

Reset WordPress Instead of Reinstalling

Two years ago I was working on an e-commerce WordPress site and I need to reset the site 3 to 5 times a day because of a lot of functional tests. That time I don’t know about any WordPress Reset Plugins and I reset my WordPress site from the hosting side each and every time.

Now I won’t need to Reinstall WordPress site each and every time, thanks I have WP Reset.

Reset WordPress with WP Reset

The WP Reset module enables me to reset the database back to its default settings without experiencing the WordPress 5 minute installation. Here we go with some of the notable features of the WP Reset Plugin.

  • Free to use. Download from the WordPress Directory.
  • One Click Site Reset
  • It will delete Posts, pages, custom post types, comments, etc
  • WP Reset is 100% WP-CLI compatible
  • It will automatically reactivate plugins & themes
  • It will delete all custom database tables that have the same prefix table prefix
  • It will not delete your Media files because they remain in the wp-uploads
  • It will not change the site title or WordPress address
  • It will not change your search engine visibility settings

WP Reset rapidly resets the site’s database to the default settings without changing any core files. It erases all customizations and substance. WP Reset is quick and safe to use. It has different safeguard components so you can never accidentally lose data.

If you are looking to Edit .htaccess file directly from WordPress admin check WordPress htaccess from the same team. It is a free, fast and secure plugin with automatic backups. No FTP needed.


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