How to protect home security camera from hackers? 

Digital security has been a major concern for homeowners. However, ever since the advent of digital security, the chances of threats has increased as well. Often people fail to maintain digital security due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of the grave aftermath. The digital security if not taken care of properly, can pave the way for financial loss and other fraudulent activities.

One needs to be extremely careful with computers because they are the most prone to damage. However, the same level of diligence may not be possible with the home security camera. Since you cannot control it mostly, the home security camera is at a high threat of being damaged.

The Camera

The home security cameras have come into the house for a long time now. These wireless CCTV cameras are not only affordable but extremely efficient as well. The easy installation process has given way for the popularity of the camera. Home safety experts have said that the cameras hacked cases mostly happen due to lack of knowledge.

The thief can gather a lot of information about your house just by using the home camera. They will be able to trace the entire house without being physically present. The camera gives way to them being able to navigate the house and when given a chance, they will easily rob the place.

Most of the smart homes in today’s generation have a CCTV installed. This however can be risky or threat to the security for the hacker can control your entire house. Once a hacker breaks into your system, they will get complete access and control house. Hence, they will be able to steal off things very Internet-enabled without being notified.

Internet-enabled security cameras have become extremely efficient over the past few years. Most people join WiFi with the system as well. This can however be risky and problematic. The hackers would get complete access to your system. You should avoid doing that. The presence of the camera online can open it to the risk of being hacked.

How to protect? 

Some of the prominent ways through which you can protect yourself from the risk of hacked cameras include

  • Update the firmware so that the camera doesn’t lock itself manually. You should check for all the buttons below.
  • Most cameras come with the two-factor authentication. If your system has that, you might as well implement it accordingly.
  • You should ensure to change the default password to avoid any risk.


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