A Guide On The Importance And Types Of Standing Desks

Ergonomic office furniture is becoming highly popular. And if you’re an aware employer, you should, too, switch to using and providing sit standing desks for your staff. The most compelling reasons that make such furniture items so worthy include the following.

  • They reduce the chances of obesity and heart disorders since standing burns more calories
  • They reduce postural problems like neck strain and backache

Precisely, since they keep employees healthy and active, they – indirectly – increase work productivity. If looking forward to buying some for your staff, the following 5 options are absolutely worth exploring.

Dual-leg Height Adjustable Electric Sit And Stand Desk

This desk is ideal for L-shaped laptops and desktops since it supports an L-shaped upper frame. The following features make it popular.

  • Height adjustment anywhere between 23.6″- 48.4″
  • Incorporated with 1 digital controlling pad – to memorize any 3 height levels you choose and for setting reminders when it is time to switch the position – and 1 simple controlling pad to switch between chosen levels with the speed of 38mm/s
  • Weight holding capacity of 125 Kgs

Sit Standing Height Adjustable Ergo Riser Desk

Manufactured to support desktops/laptops up to 35″, this one puts forth 12 height levels to choose from. It also has additional sections to store the keyboard, tablets, and smartphones. Some of its noteworthy features include;

  • 2 super swift knobs for a smooth transition between different height levels with a jerk-free motion
  • A strong body to prevent problems like desk collapsing

Sit-Stand 2-Stage Single-Motor Height Adjustable ADR Desk

This height adjustable electric sit/standing desk has;

  • A single motor to hold load as heavy as 176 lbs
  • Height adjustment levels between 28.7″ – 48″
  • Ability to memorize 3 different height levels according to your preference
  • Jerk-free height transition speed of 38mm/s

Dual-leg Height Adjustable Electric Sit Standing Desk

This electric desk can be adjusted at any 3 height levels between 23.6″- 48.4″. It also gives out sedentary alarms when you’ve been in the same position for long and it’s time to change the position. It also offers;

  • Height changing speed as high as 38 mm/s
  • Load holding capacity of 126 kgs

ADR Height Adjustable Ergonomic Standing Monitor Riser Desk

This ergonomic standing desk provides 4 height adjustment levels between 6.5″ to 16.3″. It can easily;

  • Hold a 32″ monitor
  • Support 50 lbs weight

It also has a retractable keyboard tray.

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